Welcome to the website of Psychologiepraktijk De Molen.


The pratice offers primary psychological health care services to both the English and the Dutch speaking community in The Netherlands.

The location of the practice is in the city of Delft and offers psychological treatment to adults, above 18 years and older.


The primary psychological health care service includes psychological tests, psychological treatment and counselling services.The therapy sessions can be given both in English and in Dutch.


The psychological therapy and treatment is given by Mrs.drs N. Bandukwalla-Pruisken who is a qualified Primary Health Care Psychologist (Eerstelijnspsycholoog), Health Care (GZ) Psychologist, Occupational Psychologist and a Transcultural Psychologist. The psychologist is a member of the NIP (Netherlands Institute for Psychologists) and the LVVP (Landelijke Vereniging Van Vrijgevestigde Psychologen & Psychotherapeuten)


The goal of the practice

Psychologiepraktijk De Molen aims at bringing about a balance between the psychological, and the social functioning of the patient in his / her own environment.


Where a complete recovery of this balance is not able to be attained, then the practice aims at improving the situation as much as possible in order to be able to revive and sustain the balance efficiently.